January 4, 2024

Batavia Baseball Club Board Meeting Minutes

Date: January 4, 2024

Time:    6:01-6:55                                                                                         

Attendees: Zach Bloom, Keith Brown, Jesse Woodall, Sara Johnston, Dustin Hannika, Deborah Pilcher, David Pilcher


1.       President’s business

·         Coaches discussion on what paperwork is needed for SWOL

·         Coaches turned in paperwork to Secretary

·         Umpire forms will be submitted $100 per team

·         Schedule – neeed a schedule of every team for the website and for Batavia Sports Complex

·         Pitcher’s mound

·         12u fundraised and wants to buy own mound

·         Other 3 teams will go in on a mound

·         Discuss with Batavia Sports Complex and ask to build mounds with clay

·         Wanting to have Zach access to drag fields


2.       Fundraising

·         10u Superbowl Squares - $20 per ticket per square

·         Sel 50-100 squares

·         10u Butcher box

·         Raffle for $225 in meat


3.       Other Business

·         Ohio Department of Tax

·         Ohio has been filed – we are compliant

·         IRS

·         Initially designated as private

·         Refiled to Public Charity

1.       Approved in June 2023

2.       Online records still say private so Zach cannot file the necessary 990N

3.       This needs to be filed by June of 2024

4.       After calls in November and December this still has not been completed, may need to hire an attorney

 Next meeting is January 28, 2024 @ 6:00 pm