February 4, 2024

Batavia Baseball Club Board Meeting Minutes

Date: February 4, 2024

Time:    8:03                                                                                        

Attendees: Zach Bloom, Keith Brown, Jesse Woodall, Sara Johnston, Jason Coon, Mandy Pfeiffer


1.       President’s business – Discussion on how many to buy, where to store, and considerations on schedules etc.

·         Pitcher’s mound

·         Options:

1.       Buy 2 full size mounds

2.       Buy 1 full size, 1 step off

3.       Buy 1 full size

·         Where should we store them?

·         At the park – some concern that damage may occur

·         Maybe in someone’s garage? But then coaches we need to pick it up before games


2.       Motion was made to buy 1 two piece mound for $1979.99. All members voted yes, motion passed.