Current 2023-22023-24 Board Members

Zach Blume - President

Keith Brown - Vice President 

Jesse Woodall - Treasurer 

Sara Johnston - Secretary 

Mandy Pfeiffer  - Communications 

Jason Coon - Fundraising 

All monthly board meetings will generally be be held at Batavia Township Park on the last Sunday of each month from 6-7pm unless otherwise noted below.

Next Meeting - 4/30/2024 at 8:00pm. (Virtual - link to be posted day of meeting)

Link to join meeting -

Following Meeting - 5/26/2024

Link will be posted the day of the meeting

With any questions or concerns, please reach out to 


Batavia Baseball Club

A Nonprofit Association

Article I: Name, Description and Purpose

Section 1: Name

The name of our Association is Batavia Baseball Club.

Section 2: Description

The Association is organized exclusively for charitable, educational, religious or scientific purposes within the meaning of section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. 

Section 3: Purpose

The purpose of Batavia Baseball Club is to enable and support competitive youth sports or activities, promote good sportsmanship, educate youth participants and conduct other educational activities. We strive to produce a high quality athletic experience for our members while focusing on character building both off and on the field.

Article II: Membership

The Members of the Batavia Baseball Club are each player, or the player’s representative (legal guardian), Any Coach, that have been offered a roster spot on any of our teams, and the Officers of the Executive Board. Each Member may nominate persons to fill vacancies of the Executive Board.

Article III: Officers

Section 1: Executive Board

The Executive Board shall consist of the following Officers: President, Vice President, Chief of Fundraising, Communications officer, and Secretary. One person can hold multiple Officer positions. The Executive Board serves as Trustees and Officers of the Batavia Baseball Club Organization.

Section 2: Elections and Term of office

The Electorate Body is defined as any person in good standing, attending at least 75% of regular meetings in the current fiscal year.  The Secretary will supply to the President a list of those who qualify at the onset of any meeting where nominations for elections of Officers are to take place. ALL members of the Executive Board are to be nominated and seconded for nomination during open meeting by members of the electorate body. Executive board members are elected by the electorate body at the first scheduled meeting of the fiscal year.  Closed ballots will be counted by the Secretary and winners verified by the President before the meeting is adjourned. Elections will take place in the first month of each fiscal year as follows:

Executive Board members terms are 1 years with voting years as follows: 

1. President, Vice President, Treasurer, Chief of Fundraising, Communications Director, Secretary, Concession officer (if applicable). Nominations and voting to take place yearly.

Newly elected officers will take office on the first day of the month after the election is held.

Section 3: Qualifications

Qualifications for election to an Executive Board position include but not limited to the following: 

1. Interested in and devoted to the purpose of Batavia Baseball Club.

2. In good standing with the community and Batavia Baseball Club. 

3. Active in activities past, present and future of Batavia Baseball Club. 

4. Must make every attempt to attend ALL Batavia Baseball Club functions that are hosted by the organization (other than each individual game).

Section 4: Removal

Officers shall not be removed from office unless they voluntarily step down or by a two-thirds (66% or greater) vote of the Executive Board Members. 

Section 5: Vacancy

Members can nominate persons to fill any vacancy on the Executive Board and the Executive Board will meet to consider nominations. The Executive Board will elect an individual from those nominations to fill the vacancy by a majority vote of the remaining Officers. An Officer elected to fill a vacancy is elected for the remainder of the term of his or her predecessor. 

Section 6: Duties


1. Presides over all meetings of Batavia Baseball Club.

2. Appoints committees as deemed necessary to fulfill the interests of Batavia Baseball Club. 

3. Insures that ALL duties of the other officers are fulfilled.

4. Holds the final interpretation and application of ALL rules and regulations governing Batavia Baseball Club, with the exception of game forfeitures and/or expulsions. 

5. Is authorized to sign for disbursement of Batavia Baseball Club funds. 

Vice president: 

1.Attends all required meetings of Batavia Baseball Club. 

2. In the absence of the President, presides over meetings of Batavia Baseball Club. 

3. Assists the President in any way suggested by the President and/or Executive Board. 

4. Is responsible for public relations 

5. Recruiting and assignment of volunteers for Batavia Baseball Club Organization wide Fundraising events.

Treasurer: 1. Is the custodian of all funds and financial records of Batavia Baseball Club.

 2. Is fiscally responsible for budgeting and using Batavia Baseball Club funds to pay ALL obligations incurred by Batavia Baseball Club. 

3. Presents a financial report at each regularly scheduled Batavia Baseball Club meeting.

4. Presents a written annual financial statement to each member of the Executive Board at the second annually regularly scheduled Batavia Baseball Club meeting. 

5. Work with head coaches of each team to develop a yearly financial plan and determine each teams member fees. Member fees are decided in conjunction with the team budget and set fourth by the Treasurer and head coach on a team by team basis. Some teams may have higher or lower member fees due to level of play, tournament interest, and other costs that each team may incur. 

6. Is authorized to sign for disbursement of Batavia Baseball Club funds.


 1. Maintains an accurate written record of ALL Batavia Baseball Club meetings and other pertinent activities. 

2. Reports prior meeting minutes and pertinent activities at ALL Batavia Baseball Club meetings.

3. Submits a copy of meeting minutes to each member of the Executive Board prior to the next scheduled meeting. 

4. Maintains all records of Batavia Baseball Club with exception of the financial records 

5. Notifies each member of the Executive board seven days in advance of ALL meetings.  

Chief of Fundraising:

1. Monitor and be present at all Batavia Baseball Club Fundraising activities other that individual team fundraisers. 

2. Collect information on any and all Fundraisers to be held be the organization or teams within Batavia Baseball Club and notify the Executive Board of fundraisers for voting purposes as required by the by-laws. 

3. Ensure that all Fundraising proceeds are counted and documented fully with a second member and ensure that all Fundraising proceeds are delivered to the treasure in a timely manor.

4. Promote the values and purpose of the organization and always act in the best interests of Batavia Baseball Club.

Communications Officer: 

1. Maintains order of Batavia Baseball Club meetings.

2. Maintains a register of all persons attending Batavia Baseball Club meetings.

3. Will monitor all Batavia Baseball Club Media (Facebook, Twitter or any other platform Batavia Baseball Club may be a part of). Will also be a monitor to any social media that an individual team may be a part of including any team communication apps. Will act as a non-biased user and just be an observer of those media platforms. They will report to the BYF Executive Board of any Social Media Policy violations. 

4.Will assist Team Mom’s as an advocate with their team duties. 

5. Will be a parent/player advocate as needed throughout the baseball season.

Section 7: Board Meetings

The Executive Board will meet at least 1 time per month. The day of each month is to be selected by the Executive Board and posted publicly the Batavia Baseball Club Website . Any Officer may call an additional board meeting.

Article IV: Financial Policies

Section 1: Fiscal Year

The fiscal year of the Association begins July 2nd  and ends July 1st  of the following year.

Section 2: Banking

All funds must be kept in a checking account in the name of the Association. The President and Treasurer shall both be authorized signers on the account.

Section 3: Approvals

The President or Treasurer are authorized to spend up to $500 on individual expenses directly related to the operation and needs of the association without approval from the Executive Board. Expenses greater than $500 require approval by majority vote of the Executive Board.

Section 4: Reporting

All financial transactions will be recorded in an electronic spreadsheet system. The Treasurer will reconcile all accounts monthly and provide financial reports to the Executive Board monthly.

Section 5: Contracts

Only the President or the President’s designee has the authority to enter into contracts on behalf of the Association.

Section 6: Loans

The Association may not directly or indirectly make any loan to an Officer, Member, employee or agent of the Association

Section 7: Fundraising

All Fundraising events must be voted on and approved by the Executive Board. The Chief of Fundraising must be notified of any future fundraising events. Detail of event must then be brought to the Executive Board for a vote. Majority vote is required for any fundraising event. All financial benefits from Fundraising must be accounted for and immediately reported to the Chief of Fundraising and Treasurer upon completion of each Fundraising event. 

Article V: Amendments

Amendments to the by-laws require a two-thirds (66% or greater) vote of the Executive Board. ANY member of the Executive Board may make by-laws an amendment proposal to Batavia Baseball Club. 

Amendments to the by-laws must be available for review at 3 consecutive Board meetings before a vote on the proposed amendment/s can take place. 

Article VI: New teams and Coaches

Qualifications for Head Coaches include but not limited to the following: 

1. Interested in, and devoted to, the purpose of Batavia Baseball Club 

2. In good standing with the community and Batavia Baseball Club 

3. Active in all activities, present and future of Batavia Baseball Club 

4. Must be certified each year by the appropriate body determined by the Executive Board. 

5. Must provide a police/sheriff background check to the Vice President upon request by the Executive Board. 

6. The Executive Board will consider Head Coach Selection Guidelines in selecting qualified individuals to become Head Coach representatives of Batavia BaseballClub.  Each Head Coach is responsible for selecting assistant coaches for their assigned team and is expected to exercise the same careful selection process.  And then those assistants will then be required to provide a police/sheriff background check.  Any and ALL issues arising from the Head Coaches team must be presented to that Head Coach prior to involvement of ANY member of the Board of Executives and/or Board of Directors, except where the Head Coach is ALSO a member of the Executive Board. 

7. Participate and complete any and all safety classes and/or courses required by the State of Ohio, league, or tournament directors.

8. Prepare a financial plan to aquire necessary funds in order to provide there team with the season that is expected.  Must work with Treasurer, and President to present financial plan, work with the plan budget, and notify the Executive Board to any changes of budget or plan. Must agree to the terms of the Batavia Baseball Club Financial YEARLY financial plan agreement document. Must Present Financial update to Executive Board at each Board meeting. 

9. All member fees are decided in conjunction with the team budget and set fourth by the Treasurer and head coach on a team by team basis. Some teams may have higher or lower member fees due to level of play, tournament interest, and other costs that each team may incur.  

10. Responsible for hosting tryout to select team members. Must keep proper documentation as to why each team member was selected.  Can not discriminate based on characteristics such as race, gender, age, or sexual orientation,etc. Must provide equal opportunity at tryouts for each and every attendee. 

11. Must be present at EVERY Batavia Baseball Club Board Meeting. If you are unable to attend a specific Board meeting, entire Executive Board must be notified before meeting commences.

Head Coaches and new teams can be denied by the Executive Board for failure to provide and of the required documentation or if the Executive Board decides it is not in the best interests of Batavia Baseball Club to offer the coach a volunteer role. 

Article VII: Dissolution

In the event of dissolution of the Association, any funds remaining shall be donated to any 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization.